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Artist Profile: Santa Barbara Independent

July 1, 2016 - Eden Turner

"Although Legrady began in the field of fine arts photography, he transitioned to digital technologies in the mid-1980s. Now he’s considered a new-media pioneer. His work focuses on photographic-based media, interactive digital media installations, and computationally generated visualizations."

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Feature: Ceramic Monthly

July 1, 2016 - Glen R. Brown

We are so pleased for gallery artist, Jun Kaneko, whose sculptures Glen Brown calls "a
harmony of the eternal and the ephemeral, of geological epochs and biological lifetimes, of the persistence of inanimate matter and the fleeting, nebulous nature of the living," in Ceramics Monthly

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Review: Flaunt Magazine

June 24, 2016 - Alexandra Creed

Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977-1988)
June 11 - July 30, 2016

"The exhibition is a rare and fascinating experience that provides an intimate look into the inner workings of an artist’s processes.  It is a testament to Prince’s pattern of reshaping the mold and pushing the boundaries of art through the showcased pieces, leaving visitors with the ultimate place of study."

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Review: Argonaut Online

June 22, 2016 - Christina Campodonico

Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977-1988)
June 11 - July 30, 2016 

"'He told me when we first met that his big ambition in life was to write a song that would be playing on all the car radios all across America. And I thought that was a very peculiar ambition,' says Turnbaugh. 'But you need to translate it. He meant he wanted to be famous, and he is.'"

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Preview: Modern Magazine

May 26, 2016 - Marieke Treilhard

Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977-1988), June 11 - July 16 at Edward Cella Art & Architecture. 

"Artist Richard Prince is no stranger to controversy. An early pioneer of appropriation art, Prince spent the 1970's and 80's undermining the necessity of authorship in art, re-photogrpahing exisitng images and modifying them only minimally to make them his own. ... With an uncanny ability to tranform the context an dmeaning of an image with a simple gesture or minimal material intervention, Prince established himself as an expert in confiscation and concision."

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Exhibition Catalogue

May 26, 2016

The exhibition catalogue for Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977-1988) includes essays by Douglas Blair Turnbaugh, exhibition curator Carole Ann Klonarides, and rare books and ephemera dealer Jeremy Sanders, plus a detailed list of items included in the archive with previously unpublished images of letters, exhibition ephemera, and objects. The catalogue is published in a limited edition, hard copies are available through the gallery. 

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Documentary - Lynn Aldrich: Uncommon Artist

May 6, 2016 - John Schmidt

Lynn Aldrich: Uncommon Artist is a documentary film that provides a poetically rendered portrait of Los Angeles-based sculptor Lynn Aldrich, a Guggenheim Fellowship recipient who attends to the most commonplace objects of consumer culture in the most uncommon ways.

Her artworks traffic in the readymade materiality of items purchased in hardware, craft, and office supply stores but Aldrich's handling and re-presentation of these materials consistently evoke and explore the possibility that transcendent orders of meaning are always shining through even the most trivial aspects of life. Beautifully shot and edited by filmmaker John Schmidt, this film opens a window into Aldrich's studio in the month leading up to her 2015 exhibition at Edward Cella Art & Architecture, Los Angeles. 

To watch the full documentary, click here.

Feature: Observer Culture

May 5, 2016 - Ryan Steadman

Frieze Projects at Frieze New York 2016

May 4-7, 2016

“The mystery person we’re looking for is actually an art piece—a professional pickpocket (or more accurately, a ‘slight-of-hand expert’) that the artist hired to secretly accost fair visitors. But the catch? Instead of taking valuables from Frieze guests, Mr. or Ms. X will be gifting them small sculptures designed by Mr. Horvitz in an edition of 1000.”

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Feature: The Standard Culture

May 5, 2016 - William J. Simmons

"At the bottom of artist David Horvitz’s website, there is a ubiquitous PayPal button accompanied by the text, “For $1 USD I will think about you for one minute. I will email you the time I start thinking, and the time I stop.” It sounds absurd, of course. Why would anyone pay Horvitz for something so inherently and self-consciously intangible? And yet, I couldn’t help but feel a strange emotional resonance for that unassuming PayPal button, and the artist’s promise to think about me—not to think lovingly or positively about me—but specifically about me, for one minute."

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Publication - Ruth Pastine: The Inevitability of Truth

May 4, 2016

Edward Cella Art & Architecture is pleased to announce the publication of Ruth Pastine: The Inevitability of Truth. The catalogue features 43 pages with stunning full color images of the works and installation images from the exhibition. An essay by Sarah P. Hanson offers historical context for the work, and insight into Pastines's meticulous painting process.

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