Garment Girl by Jennifer Vanderpool on view January 18th - February 28th at Kwan Fong Gallery of Art and Culture

February 9, 2019

Garment Girl developed from Jennifer Vanderpool’s immigrant grandmother’s reminiscences about working as a cook in a sweatshop in the Allegheny Mountains and her mother’s stories about sewing shirt collars in order to pay her college tuition. The exhibition interlaces her matrilineal family stories of struggle with current labor activism through evoking questions about the global textile industry and the unseen garment workers sewing in sweatshops. Garment Girl includes imaginary realism prints, textiles, and workers’ stories told by Vietnamese refugees who worked in Los Angeles sweatshops, and those told by women textile laborers in Hà Nội. Their stories are interwoven with interviews Vanderpool conducted with labor scholars and activists in both locations. Garment Girl first opened in May 2018 at Heritage Space, Hà Nội, Việt Nam.

181 Fremont Interview's Chris Trueman

February 7, 2019

"I would describe my work as a confluence of abstract styles and painting methods that explore the temporality of representation. What I mean is that historically speaking, art in general - and in my case abstract art - has been a marker of time and place; an encapsulation of the ideas that are circulating and social concerns, both philosophically and politically. In Post-War abstract expressionism there was a push toward a non-verbal communication - a more instinctual communication that happened between viewer and object. This relationship calls to be present in the moment. I've thought a lot about those ideas in relation to my work and the world we now live in with incredible technologies as we manage multiple identities simultaneously. So being "present" takes on new meaning and understanding where our online presence is at times, which is as real as our physical reality. With these ideas in mind, I created paintings that combine the contemporary with the historical and they act physically as though they are mediated, despite being handmade and physically occupy the same space with the viewer."

Read the full interview here.

Art Scene Magazine Review: Ruth Pastine "Counterpoint"

January 31, 2019 - Roberta Carasso

"Ruth Pastine’s latest series, 'Counterpoint,' is a luscious group of pastel on paper pieces. Like its musical name, “Counterpoint” is a unique relationship between different voices, independent and separate. But when each voice shares the same ground, unexpected possibilities emerge."

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Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Blinky the Friendly Hen with Jeffrey Vallance at CSUN

January 29, 2019

California State University, Northridge Art Galleries is honored to present Blinky the Friendly Hen: 40th Anniversary Exhibition. Comprised of a Relic Chamber, a Blinky Theatre, Blinky book editions (1979-2019), chapel, gift shop, stained glass, and historical artifacts, this fourth retrospective exhibition celebrates historical and contemporary works relating to four decades of the Blinky phenomenon. A curated group exhibition of works by international artists, CSUN faculty and staff, as well as a student show component, will acknowledge Blinky’s legacy.

Built in the style of a cathedral dungeon, the Relic Chamber will have early first-class relics on display from the collection of Barry Sloane; other reliquaries will contain third-class relics produced over the years. The Blinky Theatre will screen Blinky-related videos, including a 1983 clip from “Late Night with David Letterman,” Bruce and Norman Yonemotos’ 1988 video documenting Blinky’s exhumation, a MOCA TV episode, and a punk rock video dedicated to Blinky. The Blinky Gift Shop installation will offer affordable handmade Blinky souvenirs and collectibles

 The exhibition will include several events including walkthroughs and an artist performance. 

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 2 | 4-6 PM at CSUN Main Art Gallery Artist Talk: Monday, February 4 | 10 AM at CSUN Main Art Gallery Artist Walk-through: Saturday, February 16 | 1 PM at CSUN Main Art Gallery Blinky's Graveside Performance: Saturday, February 23rd, 1 PM at the LA Pet Cemetery, with reception to follow at CSUN Main Art Gallery

George Legrady in Stargazers: Intersections of Contemporary Art and Astronomy

January 26, 2019

Four centuries after Galileo Galilei pointed a telescope skyward, through which he saw craters on the moon and made out the Milky Way’s band of light, this multi-media exhibition of nationally recognized artists explores observations of the night sky, reflecting on questions of space, time, and the human condition within and beyond the observable universe. It is presented concurrently with the opening of OCC’s new planetarium. Curated by Tyler Stallings, director, Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion at Orange Coast College.

United's Polaris Lounge opens at LAX with works by Ruth Pastine, Chris Trueman, and Rema Ghuloum

January 25, 2019

United Airlines will unveil its fifth Polaris Lounge at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Saturday. The new 12,122-square-foot facility is the fifth dedicated Polaris Lounge that the carrier has debuted.

Chicago’s O’Hare Airport got the first Polaris Lounge in late 2016. Subsequently, Polaris lounges have opened at Newark Liberty International Airport, George W. Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport and San Francisco International Airport.

The new Polaris Lounge at LAX will be available to passengers traveling internationally in United Polaris international business class cabin and to passengers traveling in first or business class on Star Alliance partner carriers.

The design of the LAX Polaris Lounge and the food and beverage offerings emphasize a Southern California touch.

Artwork featured in the new lounge is by Los Angeles-based artists, including Rema Ghuloum, Chris Trueman and Ruth Pastine.

Jeffrey Vallance included in "Dirty Protest" at the Hammer Museum

January 24, 2019

Dirty Protest: Selections from the Hammer Contemporary Contemporary Collection

June 24  - May 19, 2019

Drawn from the Hammer Museum’s collection, this exhibition highlights a lively mix of painting, sculpture, and media installations by more than 30 international artists.

The Hammer Contemporary Collection continues to grow through purchases and generous gifts from patrons and artists. This core collection comprises works in drawing, film, painting, photography, sculpture, and video made by artists from around the world, with an emphasis on Southern California and the networks of artists who are based here as well as those for whom Los Angeles is a nexus of activity. The highlighted acquisitions in this presentation underlie the Hammer’s commitment to the breadth of mediums engaged by contemporary artists, including video installation, new media, and works on paper.

Taken from the title of a 2015 painting by Tala Madani, this group show highlights recent acquisitions and works from the Hammer Contemporary Collection that have never before been on view. This lively mix of painting, sculpture, drawings, and multimedia installations features the work of more than 30 international established and emerging artists.

FOG and Untitled Fairs Bring Out Dealers, Collectors in San Francisco

January 22, 2019

"As San Francisco weathered two very minor earthquakes and braced against voracious rain that forecasters had classified as an “atmospheric river,” two art fairs in the city—FOG Design+Art and Untitled—went about their business of opening with nothing but signs of positivity in sight. The older, more established FOG and the newer upstart Untitled (a West Coast satellite of a fair initiated in Miami) offered different vibes but together courted collectors and curiosity-seekers to a Bay Area art scene that rose to the occasion for both."

Edward Cella Art & Architecture was thrilled to participate in another very successful year at FOG fair in San Francisco. 

Ruth Pastine & Chris Trueman in Paintings from the Interior at Culver Center of the Arts January 19th - April 14th

January 7, 2019

Paintings from the Interior is a survey exhibition of painting in and about the inland region of southern California. With a specific geographic boundary east of Kellogg Hill in Los Angeles County to the low and high deserts of San Bernardino and Riverside counties, the exhibit focuses on both the literal landscape and the conceptual imagery of place. The exhibition is curated by Andi Campognone.

Artists featured in this exhibit are Dawn Arrowsmith, Quinton Bemiller, Diane Best, Jorin Bossen, Justin Bower, Gary Brewer, Kimberly Brooks, Terry Chacon, Gerald Clarke, Hollis Cooper, Cosme Cordova, Alex Couwenberg, Chick Curtis, Joshua Dildine, Steven Hampton, Salomon Huerta, Brian Johnson, Gary Lang, Stevie Love, Aline Mare, Kevin Stewart Magee, Donna Morin, Ruth Pastine, Thomas Pathe, Andrea Patrie, Roland Reiss, David C. Rosales, Bradford J. Salamon, Jeff Soto, Sharon Suhovy, Juan Thorp, Chris Trueman, and Mark Dean Veca.

A new website for Lawrence Halprin

December 21, 2018

Visit the new website for artist and architect Lawrence Halprin to see unique works and learn about current and upcoming exhibitions. 

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