D'Arte Contemporanea Review

June 11, 1998 - Cecilia Casorati

Art in America Review

February 1, 1996 - Roni Feinstein

Ceramics Monthly Review

December 1, 1995 - Laura Dison

Review: Frieze Magazine

June 1, 1995 - David Pagel

Jeffrey Vallance: The World of Jeffrey Vallance, The Santa Monica Museum of Art
April 8 - June 11, 1995 

"‘The World of Jeffrey Vallance’ is a fun place to visit. You can go there without really leaving suburban American culture behind. Which isn’t to say that the readily accessible yet profoundly idiosyncratic domain inhabited by the peripatetic artist’s paintings, drawings and sculptures is anything like the bland, pre-programmed space in which artists predisposed to being social critics insist we all live."

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Thresholds Feature

April 1, 1995 - Gary Brown, Steve North, William Stern

Published in Thresholds: Viewing Culture, Volume 6; Spring 1992

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Aspen Magazine Review

January 1, 1994