New York Times Feature

January 1, 2007 - Robin Pogrebin

Los Angeles Times Review

April 13, 2006 - Susan Carpenter

Review: Artweek.LA

April 1, 2006 - Jody Zellen

George Legrady: Algorithmic Visualizations at TELIC, January 21 - February 25, 2006. 

"Systems of display and data transfer and presentation is at the core of Legrady’s work. He statesthat while “making invisible determining systems visible” is one goal of his work, the conceptualand social significance of the data and how it is interpreted is also a vital component. Whilemaking data visual he also makes it beautiful. Because Legrady has a sophisticated sense ofdesign he is able to fuse the aesthetic and the technological creating complex works that engagewith real time and real systems in new and innovative ways."

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Art Week Review

February 18, 2006 - Peter Frank

The Globe Review

December 1, 2005 - Gary Michael Dault

Postfeminism in stilettos.

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Los Angeles Times Review

November 11, 2005

Urban sprawl; land of dreams.

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Calgary Herald Review

February 1, 2005 - Janet Naclia

Artist transforms icons of style: little black dress seen in new light.

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UCLA's Frieze Feature

October 1, 2001 - Ali Subotnick

Snapshot: New Art from Los Angeles

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Artforum Review

October 1, 2001 - Jan Tumlir