Deborah Aschheim: Nostalgia for the Future

Ahmanson (Maybe the Only William Pereira Building I Like), 2010, Ink on Duralar
Ambassador No. 2 (Empty Stairwell Smoky Glass)
Ambassador No. 3
Ambassador No. 4
Ambassador No. 5
Beckman (Nothing Else Like This Cakelike Stone Amphitheatre, Cal Tech Campus)
Beckman No. 2 (Strange Ceramic Pendants)
Beckman No. 3
Beckman No. 4
Bunch No. 1 (Obscure SoCal Architect Maynard Lyndon, This His Only Weird Building)
Bunche No.2 (Rising Up Through UCLA Trees Like a Robot Covered with Flat Screen Televisions)
Capitol No. 3 (Windows Facing Vine)
Capitol No. 4 (Raking Sunlight Hollywood Afternoon)
Capitol No. 5 (Two Palm Trees)
Century (After Dad's 1968 California Vacation Slides)
Century (Balcony, Room 1711)
Century (Spy No. 2: I Never Know What I Saw)
Century (Spy No. 3: Every Visit Small Dramas)
Century (Spy No. 5: A La Antonioni)
Century (Spy No. 6)
Century (Spy No. 7)
Century (Spy No. 8)
Century (Spy No.4: Hitchcock Moment)
Chandler (Empty Hall Opera Off-Season Downtown Aimless Wandering)
Chandler No. 2 (Mom in Front of Buildings You Can't See Anymore, Los Angeles 1968)
Encounter No. 3 (Something Sensuous About the Grid of Holes)
Encounter No. 4 (Observation of the Lunch Waiters)
Encounter No. 5 (Sunlight Across the Plastered Holes)
Encounter No. 6 (16 Holes Detail)
McCullough No. 1 (Forgotten Relic Airport Master Plan)
McCullough, No. 2 (I Finally Found Out Its Real Name)
Music Center (From Dad's Slide, Colors Turned Red with Time)
Perpetual #2
Perpetual (Stone Intended Hanging Gardens On Each Floor)
Pomona (Overcast New Year's Morning No One but Me at City Hall and the Library)
Saint Mary's No. 2 (Rising Up From the Rainbow Victorians)
Theme Building (Now I Miss the Scaffolding)
Theme Building No. 2 (She Said, How I Felt About Flying When I Was a Little Girl)
Theme building No. 3 (With Asterisk Lamp and Palms)
Theme Building No. 4 (Two Palms in Sunlight)
Theme Building No. 5 (Observation Deck with Scaffold)
Unisphere No.3
World's Fair
Ambassador (Trespassing Through Ghost Buildings of the Abandoned Christian College)
Capitol (Only Clear Memory Lonely Year in Hollywood)
Capitol No. 2 (Cloud of Scaffolding Floating)
Century (Spy No. 1: I Was Thinking about Nixon and the Apollo Astronauts)
Century (Watching the Hotel Like Watching Someone from Across the Room at a Party)
Corn Cobs (He Turned His Back on Mies)
Encounter (The Theme Building So Beautiful Encased in Scaffolding)
Encounter No. 2 (Exiled in New England Drawing LA from Memory)
Nakagin (People Hated Living in the Cramped Capsules, Though)
Needle (In My Dream Erased by a Cloud of Scaffolding, Receding into the Overcast Seattle Sky)
Needle No. 2 (Imagined Erasure)
Prentice (I Read Everything I Could about Bertrand Goldberg)
Prentice No. 2 (The Optimism of the Round Buildings)
Saint Mary's (Reflected Buildings Across Geary)
Tent of Tomorrow (We Rode the Subway All the Way to Flushing Corona Meadows)
Tent of Tomorrow, No. 2 (I Climbed on Bricks to See in Weeds Growing Through Stripped Away Terrazzo)
Two Columbus (Surprised How Much I Miss the Lollipops)
Union (No One Else Seems Sad about This Crumbling Becket Building)
Unisphere (I See in My Mind Mom in Front of it looking like Jackie Kennedy)
Unisphere No. 2 (Mom Said I Remember the Big Globe it Was Such a Long Time Ago)