R. Nelson Parrish & Ruth Pastine @ Cabana Home, Santa Barbara


Cabana Home presents R. Nelson Parrish & Ruth Pastine, a exhibition featuring a series of new and recent works by R. Nelson Parrish and Ruth Pastine.  Investigating color through their distinct and individual practices, these two artists emphasize the artwork’s unique material properties and yet reference a common perceptual aesthetic established by the Southern California Light and Space movement of the 1960s.


The exhibition features the newest series of work entitled, Counterpoint, by Ojai based artist Ruth Pastine.  Representing only the second time this body of work has been cohesively exhibited; the series marks a departure for the artist in terms of media.  Conveying a renewed sense of immediacy and expanded polychromatic range, her pastel on paper drawings are a significant departure from her intense and concentrated color field oil paintings.  The luminosity and coverage of the pastels is built through composite layers and intensive mark making, revealing the texture and tactility of the paper beneath.  Nonetheless, her practice remains focused on the phenomenological investigation of color, and its optical invocation of temperature, light, and space. Examples from this new series were recently acquired by Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. 


In contrast, Santa Barbara based artist R. Nelson Parrish has mastered the labor-intensive and mercurial process of creating thick slabs of bio- resin to create stunning translucent wall sculptures embedded with color. Redefining the relationship of these materials to the Light and Space movement, Parrish incorporates his experiences in adrenaline fueled sports like skiing, surfing, and auto-racing and captures the shifting landscape at high speeds by translating the blur of movement and light into bursts and zips of colors, fragmented under a thick layer of polished resin.  His process is labor-intensive with numerous hand-rubbed coats of resin taking months to finish with results not by any means guaranteed. The resulting works are hybrids of painting and sculpture, objects and structures that seek out to question the natural and synthetic, states of exertion and rest.  Parrish’s oeuvre was recently presented in a solo exhibition entitled, Color/Fast at the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah and he is preparing for solo exhibition with ECAA in Los Angeles in 2013. 

While each artist’s practice is unique and disparate, the work of Pastine and Parrish bring forth a perceptual intensity and awareness of the material qualities.  Change is vibrant, color experimental, and the surface dynamic and shifting of their media.  

R. Nelson Parrish & Ruth Pastine is the fourteenth of an on-going sequence of exhibitions organized by gallerist Edward Cella of Edward Cella Art + Architecture, in collaboration with Caroline and Steven Thompson, principals of Cabana Home.  Through regular presentation of new and notable contemporary artists, the ongoing series seeks to open a dialogue between artists and collectors in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and beyond. 

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