Patti Oleon

Voyage Houston Interview with Patti Oleon

August 1, 2018

Voyage Houston interviews Patti Oleon about where she comes from, what inspires her to make art, and more. 

Wall Street International: Patti Oleon

January 30, 2018

Wall Street International Magazine on Patti Oleon: Sideways, on view at ECAA from January 17 - March 31, 2018. 

USA Art News: Patti Oleon

January 22, 2018

USA Art News on new paintings by Patti Oleon in her exhibition Sideways, on view at ECAA January 7 - March 31, 2018. 

"Patti Oleon’s realist paintings marry the conceptual with an undeniable technical prowess. Light serves as the entry point into Oleon’s un-peopled places. Each painting first begins as a digital photo taken by the artist, which is then transformed and reworked on the computer. Some images are mirrored, while others, more subtlety play out as ghostly echoes of shadow and form."


ArtScene Preview: Patti Oleon

January 12, 2018 - Michael Shaw

Patti Oleon's five paintings, slated for a show dubbed "Sideways" (after the title of one work) prompt the question: What's the ceiling on painted architectural interiors? That can be taken literally, in the sense of challenging the relevance of such modes. Is it an overplayed trope, and/or ultimately placating to the market? It's also as a pun-like take on one of Oleon's recurring motifs, in which ceilings double as floors; in the case of "Danielli" --- perhaps the strongest among these new paintings --- it's not clear whether we're seeing ceiling or sky. The oil-on-panel (and linen-over-panel) paintings, ranging in size from two-feet to four-and-a-half-feet high, qualify as a jewel-like, and clearly offer eye-candy splendors in their re-interpretations of grand European lobbies, hotels, hallways and opera houses from locales such as Istanbul, Venice and Prague. 

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Visual Art Source: Patti Oleon

March 31, 2017 - John Zotos

Patti Oleon’s newest series of paintings are grouped under the title “Neither Here Nor There.” They represent the fruits of a 2013 Guggenheim fellowship that allowed Oleon to travel Europe for source material. In her visits to Budapest, Prague, Venice, Berlin and Istanbul, she photographed the interiors of restaurants, hotel lobbies, museums, palaces and theaters, chosen for their historical significance. These public spaces were often teeming with people, something you would never know looking at the final product, wherein Oleon edits the images, concentrating on the physical surroundings.  Her interest lies in the manipulation of pictorial space through the reorganization, layering and mirroring of interior and architectural design elements. Her particular talent lies in creating mysterious virtual worlds filled with compelling reflections of light, sometimes in deep focus.


Review: Arts & Culture Texas

December 3, 2014

With Parallel Spaces Cris Worley Fine Arts opens the first solo exhibition of Patti Oleon’s mysterious paintings. Based in San Francisco, Oleon is represented on the west coast by various galleries and her work has been exhibited in several museums in California and beyond. This show brings her work to an entirely new audience in North Texas where it will certainly delight viewers. Described in the press release as a “conceptual realist,” her work begins with photography and morphs through computer editing into a final image, which she transfers to either oil on linen, panel, or both.

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Review: New American Paintings

September 1, 2014 - Seth Orion Schwaiger

Gallerist Cris Worley put all her bets on painter Patti Oleon, which turned out to be a pretty good idea. Worley's doubled down on that bet with an upcoming solo show scheduled for the artist opening November 22nd in Dallas. I won't say that Oleon's works are hyperrealistic, but they are very photo-like. They include the type of blurring and sliding exposure native to traditional film, a motif Oleon capatilizes on to invoke nostalgia. In the paintings at Texas Contemporary Oleon focused on symmetrical luxury interiors. Interestingly, it wasn't readily clear whether the symmetry was a product of post-production image manipulation, or the original state of the pristine environment. For my own tastes, I valued the works that broke out of the formula and demonstrated an approximate symmetry or an unusual angle over those that seemed kaleidoscopicly perfect.

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Highlight: Art LTD

May 1, 2012 - Molly Enholm

A haunting aura of mystery inhabits the paintings of nostalgic, lavish interiors made by San Francisco artist Patti Oleon. While the scenes at first seem inviting, Oleon manipulates the works' light, reflection and shadow, to complicate their architectural structure, and undermine the viewer's expectations. This disorientation is central to Oleon's practice, which focuses on dichotomies of reality and illusion; her Old Master style is countered with a postmodern conceptual twist. "What appears to be real--what feels realistically rendered and natural--is not necessarily so," explains Olean. "You are drawn to it, but uncomfortable and not able to place yourself rationally within that space."

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Review: Artslant

April 26, 2010 - Anna Hygelund

Patti Oleon’s latest work showcases interiors that, yes, manage to transfer you to another place. In the tradition of painting, this is hardly a revolutionary concept, after all this was a primary aim of Renaissance artists, but Oleon’s beautiful contemporary interpretation proves most refreshing in this postmodern day of age.

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