Matthias Reinmuth

Arts & Antiques Previews Getting a Glimpse: Matthias Reinmuth

April 1, 2021

Matthias Reinmuth: rise opens on April 12 at Edward Cella Art+Architecture in the Thomas Lavin Showroom at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. The show, which runs through June 4, is the German painter’s debut exhibition with the gallery and fronts the latest part of the Reinmuth’s recent “Glimpse” series.

Created in Berlin, where Reinmuth lives and works, but inspired in part by a 2019 trip to Los Angeles, “Glimpse” marries the vivid colors of the West Coast’s sun and surf with the infinite space and flickering luminosity of electronic screens. The paintings in the series, which feature glimmering passages of color, are particularly resonate for the contemporary viewer who likely balances imagery from real and digital space within his or her purview. Making the transient permanent, these works seem to capture images half seen before they whiz by, be they on a screen or over the ocean while the sun sets. In Glimpse (L.A.) (2019, oil, acrylic, wax and canvas, left above) and Glimpse (Cool) (2019, oil, acrylic, wax and canvas, above center) both highlights of the show, colors blend and float into one another in a way that manages to feel both organic and artificial.

Part of Reinmuth’s process is letting unexpected possibilities emerge from his well-honed sense of craft. Covering his studio floor with stretched canvases, the artist allows pigments to flow onto the prepared surfaces below. Random drips and marks become a record of the artist’s controlled chance and movement, like in Glimpse (Firecracker) (2019, oil, acrylic, wax and canvas, right above) which features tiny fleck of green amidst larger passes of hot orange and pink.