Jeffrey Vallance

Artist Talk Video: Jeffrey Vallance in conversation with Constance Mallinson

November 23, 2019 - Edward Cella Art & Architecture

On November, 16 2019 Jeffrey Vallance and Constance Mallinson joined us at the gallery for part of our public exhibition programming for their exhibitions "Jeffrey Vallance La Chappelle De Poulet, 2019" and "Paint into Pattern: Constance Mallinson 1979-1982, 2019". The Artist Talk "Artist to Artist: Jeffrey Vallance in conversation with Constance Mallinson" featured the Artist's interviewing each other about curating, collecting, and making art in Los Angeles.

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Chapelle de Poulet AN ESSAY IN XIII PIECES

June 25, 2019 - Jeffrey Vallance

In 1978 artist Jeffrey Vallance bought a frozen fryer chicken at the Ralph’s Supermarket in Canoga Park, California. He later buried the chicken at the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery after a brief memorial service. He also installed a grave marker for the frozen bird, naming her Blinky the Friendly Hen. This seriocomic artwork has taken the concept and processes of documentation to its most absurd conclusion. The piece became the quintessential conceptual artwork of the 1970s and Vallance’s straightforward approach offers a striking commentary on our society, the treatment of animals, spirituality and death. The year 2018 marked the 40th anniversary of Vallance’s Blinky project and, in celebration of this historic event, Vallance has released The Special 40th Anniversary Edition of the publication, Blinky (published in 2019 by California State University, Northridge Art Galleries) in conjunction with an exhibition at CSUN featuring a Blinky Chapel, Reliquary Chamber, Theatre, Poultry Gift Shop and “Free Range” a group show including over 80 international artists. Below, we’ve Vallance’s reflections on the sanctity of the chicken—a study of the chicken as a catechistic carrion vehicle for the serious study of spirituality in thirteen pieces. Click through the titles to take the essay piece by piece

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Crowds Flock to see Blinky the Friendly Hen: 40th Anniversary Exhibition

March 20, 2019 - Genie Davis

Just closed at California State University Northridge Art Gallery, the 40th anniversary exhibition of Blinky the Friendly Hen is a tour de force. The exhibition is all of these things: performance art, gallery show, and homage to both Blinky herself and Blinky’s immortalizer, artist Jeffrey Vallance.



Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Blinky the Friendly Hen with Jeffrey Vallance at CSUN

January 29, 2019

California State University, Northridge Art Galleries is honored to present Blinky the Friendly Hen: 40th Anniversary Exhibition. Comprised of a Relic Chamber, a Blinky Theatre, Blinky book editions (1979-2019), chapel, gift shop, stained glass, and historical artifacts, this fourth retrospective exhibition celebrates historical and contemporary works relating to four decades of the Blinky phenomenon. A curated group exhibition of works by international artists, CSUN faculty and staff, as well as a student show component, will acknowledge Blinky’s legacy.

Built in the style of a cathedral dungeon, the Relic Chamber will have early first-class relics on display from the collection of Barry Sloane; other reliquaries will contain third-class relics produced over the years. The Blinky Theatre will screen Blinky-related videos, including a 1983 clip from “Late Night with David Letterman,” Bruce and Norman Yonemotos’ 1988 video documenting Blinky’s exhumation, a MOCA TV episode, and a punk rock video dedicated to Blinky. The Blinky Gift Shop installation will offer affordable handmade Blinky souvenirs and collectibles

 The exhibition will include several events including walkthroughs and an artist performance. 

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 2 | 4-6 PM at CSUN Main Art Gallery Artist Talk: Monday, February 4 | 10 AM at CSUN Main Art Gallery Artist Walk-through: Saturday, February 16 | 1 PM at CSUN Main Art Gallery Blinky's Graveside Performance: Saturday, February 23rd, 1 PM at the LA Pet Cemetery, with reception to follow at CSUN Main Art Gallery

Jeffrey Vallance included in "Dirty Protest" at the Hammer Museum

January 24, 2019

Dirty Protest: Selections from the Hammer Contemporary Contemporary Collection

June 24  - May 19, 2019

Drawn from the Hammer Museum’s collection, this exhibition highlights a lively mix of painting, sculpture, and media installations by more than 30 international artists.

The Hammer Contemporary Collection continues to grow through purchases and generous gifts from patrons and artists. This core collection comprises works in drawing, film, painting, photography, sculpture, and video made by artists from around the world, with an emphasis on Southern California and the networks of artists who are based here as well as those for whom Los Angeles is a nexus of activity. The highlighted acquisitions in this presentation underlie the Hammer’s commitment to the breadth of mediums engaged by contemporary artists, including video installation, new media, and works on paper.

Taken from the title of a 2015 painting by Tala Madani, this group show highlights recent acquisitions and works from the Hammer Contemporary Collection that have never before been on view. This lively mix of painting, sculpture, drawings, and multimedia installations features the work of more than 30 international established and emerging artists.

Grant: Jeffery Vallance Awarded CCF Fellowship

July 16, 2015

The California Community Foundation (CCF) has named 22 emerging and mid-career Los Angeles County artists as recipients of the CCF Fellowship for Visual Artists (FVA), with a total of $385,000 in unrestricted grants.

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