George Legrady

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Exhibition: George Legrady Installation at the International Book Fair, FIBO

April 21, 2015

“Imagining Macondo” is a dynamic data visualization installation created for the Macondo Pavilion celebrating the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez at the International book fair, FIBO 2015, Bogota, Colombia.

The installation asks the public to contribute photos taken by mobile phones or ipads which they send to the project website. Each image is classified by the viewer to be an image of a home, or landscape, or celebration, violence, food, love, memory, or personalities featured in Marquez’ imaginary story of Macondo. Each image is also rated by the viewer as to where it is situated between the Real and Magical, between Mythical and Historical, Literary or journalistic, natural or cultural, and if it is an image that is remembered or forgotten. The sum of all the images are projected on a large curved screen at the International Book Fair, organized by a computer program so that the placement of the images on the screen are determined by the descriptions provided by the contributors.

This artwork has unique technical features such as the computer program used to organize the relationship of images to each other, and also that the software organization is in Chicago with visualization in Bogota taking place in real-time.

The project is a co-production between George Legrady, Media Arts & Technology, University of California, Santa Barbara; Angus Forbes, Electronic Visualization Lab, University of Illinois at Chicago; Andres Burbano Valdes, Universitad de Andes, Bogota, Colombia, and the Cultural Dept. of the City of Bogota, Colombia.

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