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George Legrady

Award: John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship

April 6, 2016

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has awarded George Legrady with a 2016 Guggenheim Fellowship in support of his art. 

"Throughout his artistic career, Legrady has pursued a highly visible experimental and research-oriented artistic practice that integrates digital computer technologies with photography, conceptual art, and art theory. The proposed artwork to be realized with support of the Guggenheim Fellowship is an installation titled, “Aesthetic Metavision,” that builds on a recently realized series of projects, “Swarm Vision”, “Exquisite Vision”, “AutoVision,” which have evolved out of bridging arts and engineering questions concerned with training an autonomous multi-camera system to acquire aesthetics-defined behavior and agency."

To read the full profile, click here.

Exhbition: V+VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound)

January 23, 2016

Fellows of Contemporary Art
Curators Laboratory Exhibition Series:
V+VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound) 
January 23 - March 18, 2016

Opening reception: Saturday, January 23, 6-9pm

Exhibiting alongside several of his past students, V+VS will feature works by Gerorge Legrady, Reza Ali, Yuan-Yi Fan, Ryan McGee, Juan Manuel Escalante, Erick Oh, F. Myles Sciotto and Camella DaEun Kim, curated by Yoon C. Han.

Exhibition: The Language of Perpetual Conditions

January 16, 2016

George Legrady: The Language of Perpetual Conditions at Cal Sate LA's Fine Arts Gallery
January 16 - February 4, 2016 

Opening reception: Saturday, January 16, 4-7pm

Organized by Ching Ching Chang and Brandon Hudson, the exhibition features Rebecca Bird, Fatemeh Burnes, Nancy Baker Cahill, Jamison Carter, Ching Ching Cheng, Sarah Coleman, Jill Daves, Gioj De Marco, Margaret Griffith, Jennifer Gunlock, Daniel Healey, Brandon Hudson, George Legrady, Christine Nguyen, Vincent Tomczyk, Stephanie Washburn, Valerie Wilcox, and Joan Wulf. 

Exhibition: George Legrady Installation at the International Book Fair, FIBO

April 21, 2015

George Legrady is part of a team of artists awarded a commission to create a new interactive installation for the 2015 Bogotá International Book Fair, premiering on April 22nd in Bogotá, Columbia. The project, Imagining Macondo, honors the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and is developed in collaboration with Angus Forbes and Andres Burbano.


Publication: George Legrady "Refraction"

November 11, 2011 - ECAA

With an insightful introductory essay by noted critic and art historian, Abigail Solomon-Godeau, this catalogue presents, Refraction, a series by George Legrady.  The project includes eight black and white compositions, each constructed of three photographs interlaced together with a lenticular process.  Legrady creates a suite of works in which the viewer’s movement alters the narrative potential of the image. Published 2011 in soft cover. Available for $30.00.