Amir Zaki

California's "elaborately designed" concrete skateparks captured by Amir Zaki

August 20, 2019 - Eleanor Gibson

Jagged tunnels edged with red trim, scooped walls and wave-like canopies are among the defining features of these vacant concrete skateparks in California, photographed by artist Amir Zaki. The images feature in the California Concrete, a Landscape of Skateparks publication, and document 12 unusual and elaborate skateparks in city's across the state. 


You've Never Seen Skate Parks Like This Before (Amir Zaki's California Concrete)

July 1, 2019 - Michael Hardy

When you think of skateboard photography, you probably picture a skater flying through the air while performing some recondite feat of physical wizardry. In Amir Zaki's photographs, though, skaters themselves are nowhere to be seen. Zaki grew up skating in Beaumont, California, and has the greatest respect for practitioners of the sport. But when he turned his own camera on the skate parks of his home region, his interest was more in the parks than the skating. Read more.

ArtScene Magazine on Amir Zaki: Getting Lost

April 24, 2018 - Michael Shaw

"One wonders whether the grouping’s title, “Getting Lost,” far from being an allusion to discovering these entwined tree pairings on a haphazard trek, instead refers to the process that we undergo while navigating all the super-fine detail. It’s a pretty palatable way to get lost."

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Los Angeles Times Review: Amir Zaki

April 9, 2017 - David Pagel

The work of Los Angeles photographer Amir Zaki suggests that the world is too compelx a place for its nature to be conveyed in a single way or  by a single point of view. if truth and b eauty are to be discovered, as the ancient Greeks believed, a multilayered, many-sided approach is required.


Seattle Times Review: Amir Zaki

November 11, 2016 - Michael Upchurch

Buildings that don't behave like buildings. Water that doesn't behave like water. Trees that don't behave like trees.. The self-described "hybrid photography" of Amir Zaki nails the essence of the subjects he  captures on camera while also making them cryptic of confounding. Rules of perspective and spatial logic are frequently and ingeniously tossed aside. 

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